Seller Information:
Full Names as they appear on Drivers License:
An existing POA will require review by our office or we can prepare a POA for you for $125.00
Existing Mortgages: Provide Information for ALL Loans
If answered "Yes", please provide same information as first mortgage loan.
Due to an increasingly strict application of privacy laws our firm has experienced difficulty in obtaining payoff statements from mortgage and equity line lenders. To alleviate this problem we requested that the seller order their own payoff statemtents and have them faxed/e-mailed to our office. The payoff statements must be official written statements, which include a "good-through" date no earlier than the scheduled closing date, a per diem interest amount, and instructions for submitting the payoff either by overnight courier or wire transfer.
Payoff statements should be ordered no later than 5 business days prior to the scheduled closing date, to follow for delays in processing.

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